SHOUTcast radio hosting


  • Max Bitrate
  • Listener slots
  • Bandwidth
    50GB SSD
  • Auto DJ
  • Managed server
  • Centovacast V3 CP
  • Migration assistance
  • Network Speed

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SHOUTcast stream hosting plans from HostOX


SHOUTcast management CP

All of our Stream Hosting packages come Fully Managed & Maintained by us! Included is the new CentovaCast V3 Control panel allowing you to manage all aspects of your online radio station with ease.

Auto DJ

All of our streaming plans offer Auto DJ as an optional extra upon the checkout, anything from 5GB of space up to 50GB of storage for Auto DJ! Have all your radio tunes automatically playing for when you are away.

Frequently Asked Radio Hosting Questions

As per our packages, the bandwidth has no limits and is not monitored. You will be able to use the full capacity of your account with no restrictions or acceptable usage policy.

Our packages come with a base amount of slots, however you can upgrade at anytime by submitting a ticket to our team for an upgrade.

Most of our SHOUTcast servers are currently located in France.

Our Radio streaming plans do not have a dedicated IP as an option.

All of our Server hardware is owned by us and not on a lease. We do however use a variety of datacenters to house our hardware, but there is no middle man to worry about!

All of our SHOUTcast nodes are backed up daily. However individual accounts cannot be restored, this is disaster management only.

99.9% over the last 5 years.

What is included in our SHOUTcast Hosting plans?

SSD Hard drives

All of our SHOUTcast plans are hosted on Solid State Hard drives providing better read and write speeds which massively improves performance, especially for Auto DJ.


Highly Flexible

Our servers are all flexible when it comes to resources - Upgrading is easy and can be done in a few minutes with minimal downtime, just submit a ticket when you require an upgrade!


Quality Hardware

All of our streaming nodes are housed on a premium network - all built on Dual Quad core+ Processors with Raid 10 arrays, SSD drives and 32GB+ Memory.


Money Back Guarantee

As standard we offer a 30 day money back Guarantee policy, if you are not happy with the services provided we will give you your money back! We don't tie you down.


FREE Server Migration assistance

Moving from another Radio hosting provider? We are happy to help where required when making the switch.


24/7 Assistance

All of our services come with 24/7 support as standard. Your account is fully managed and monitored by us! Don't worry about the hard part, we are on hand to help whenever and issue may arise.

Need Help? Give us a call or contact us on live chat!
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