Transferring your Domain Registration

If you are a new customer or a current one, you may be wanting to transfer your Domain name over to HostOX.

To transfer a Domain Registration to another provider you will need to ensure a few things are done on the Domain otherwise the transfer will fail continuously, please see the checklist below and ensure they are all taken care of before transferring a Domain.

  1. Make sure the Domain is unlocked at the current registrar
  2. Privacy protection is Disabled
  3. You have the EPP code / Domain secret

As long as all these are in place you should be fine to transfer your Domain.

You would order your Domain transfer and enter your EPP code whilst checking out, this validates the transfer – After initiation you will get a verification email to verify the Domain transfer.

Please ensure you click the link in the Email to confirm the Transfer. Domains only require a TAG switch on the Domain so please submit a ticket if you are transferring a Domain which is also free to transfer.

The fee you pay to transfer a Domain is 1 years Domain renewal, so you will get an extra year added onto your current renewal date.


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