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Upload files to cPanel with FileZilla

So your hosting account is now active and you want to upload files to your cPanel account with an FTP program. For uploading files we would always recommend either Filezilla or CoreFTP.

You can download Filezilla here: (copy and paste)

This should work on all operating systems and is fairly easy to use. Once downloaded we can go ahead and enter your details to get logged into FTP so lets get started.

cPanel login details

For uploading via FTP we always recommend using your main cPanel login details as it is much more straight forward and gets you started, so for this do ensure you have your cPanel login details which were emailed to you available.

These will be used to login to FTP.

Login to FTP

Now you have downloaded and installed FileZilla lets go ahead and open it.

You should see the above at the top of your screen, this is where we are going to enter the login info, this is going to be your cPanel info you had emailed to you or setup.

Fill in the information before connecting, an explanation of what to put is below.

  • Hostname – Your website / Domain name E.G
  • Username – Your cPanel username
  • Password – Your cPanel password
  • Port – 21

Once you have entered all the information you can hit QuickConnect – You may be prompted to accept an SSL certificate, just click confirm and you should get the below ouput.

That is all you need to do to connect and you should see a directory listed to the right hand side like below.

So to upload a file or files is fairly easy, if you are wanting to upload these to your website as public files look to the right hand side and find public_html, this is your public folder to upload public files to.

You will then find your files in the left hand side which you wish to upload and right click on the file or folder, then click upload, just like the below we uploaded desktop.ini to our public_html directory.

Once you have started to use FileZilla you will get the hang of everything, it is a good program to use when uploading files.

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