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How to request your website migration

If you have just signed up with HostOX, it is a pleasure to have you on board! If you are moving from another Web Hosting provider and require your free migration, here are the steps to follow to get your website migrated over free of charge.

Login to your Client account

First you will need to login to our Client Portal here:

Submit a ticket

Once logged in if you look under the ‘Support‘ link you should see the link to ‘Create Ticket‘  or you can click this link here:

You should then see a screen similar to below.

Please choose the Department ‘Support‘ and title the ticket as ‘Migration Request

Fill out the ticket with the required list of information below.

  1. Old provider Control panel URL (cPanel)
  2. Login details for cPanel
  3. Any additional requirements
  4. If you require a scheduled time

You can then go ahead and click submit ticket and we will handle your website migration for you.

Reseller Hosting migration requirements

If you are migrating a reseller account, please see the list of information required below.

  1. WebHostManager login to the old hosting account / root access to the old server if you have this
  2. List of websites to migrate
  3. Any additional requirements
  4. Scheduled time if desired

We will then go ahead and migrate those accounts for you.

All migrations are usually completed within 1 hour, however please allow up to 24 hours for migrations to be processed.

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