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How to change MX records in cPanel

If you are using an external mail service such as GSuite or just have your own mail server away from your main Hosting Provider then you will need to update your MX records to reflect that.

MX records are basically DNS records that tell an email server where to send email to, by default your account will be setup to use our server as your email provider so all email will deliver locally.

Login to cPanel

Once you have logged in look for the Email section and click ‘email routing‘ like the image below.

Once in here you will see some settings, first off if you are changing this to a remote mail server you want to change it to ‘remote‘ and then hit change.

Once you have done that it is time to update the actual MX record. Looking at the top of the page you should see ‘To manage MX records, use the new Zone Editor.‘ just like below, click the Zone Editor link.

Then you should see the below image, click ‘manage

Once you have done this you will see a list of DNS records, look for the record that says ‘MX‘ and click edit at the side, you should then see a prompt like below.

This is where you would update your Destination to the remote mail server you are using, so if you have been given ‘’ you would enter that like the below image and hit save.

Leave the priority as 0 and once saved your email should now be sent to the remote server you specified. That is all you need to do unless you have multiple records then you may add more with the steps below.

Adding multiple MX records

To add a second or more MX records just click ‘Add Record‘ which will be displayed at the top of the page.

You will then see the below.

Fill out the information as specified by your email provider and click ‘Add Record’, if you have a few more records to add you may do so by following the same process.

That is all you should need to know on updating your cPanel MX records!

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