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Create email account in DirectAdmin

Creating an email account in DirectAdmin is pretty easy, sometimes the navigation of DirectAdmin can be confusing, however here is a simple guide on how to create your email account.

Login to Direct Admin

Login to your Direct Admin hosting account, if you are logging in as the Admin account make sure you switch to user level.

Direct Admin login page

Navigate to Email Manager

Look for the Email manager link inside your Direct Admin control panel and go to the ’email accounts’ link.

Email manager

Create your email

Look to your right and you will see the ‘create account’ link like below.

Create account

Now fill out the details in the form choosing the email account name and password you want, you can also set the disk space limits for the account including the email send limit.

You may set the ‘quota’ your disk space limit to unlimited and leave the send limits as default unless you are sending high amounts of email.

Email info page


You can now hit the ‘create account’ icon and you will get a popup box reminding you of the email account details. This will also give you the SMTP and mail server information for your mail client.

Email account created
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