How to disable Mod Security in cPanel

Mod Security can cause some issues with many wordpress plugins and website scripts there is always a huge possibility that your scripts and plugins are genuine and should not be blocked by the server.

All of our Shared & Reseller hosting servers offer the ability to disable Mod Security inside each cPanel account, follow the guide below to disable this for any account you may be having issues with.

Login to cPanel

Once you have logged into cPanel for the account facing issues, look for the ‘Security‘ section and you should see Mod Security like the image below.



Click on ModSecurity and you will see the below.

Disable ModSecurity



Hit Disable, you will get a second confirmation message just click Disable to continue and you will see the below.



That is all you need to do to disable ModSecurity on all the Domains in the account, in cPanel you will see an option to disable this on a per Domain basis if this is required.

You should no longer face any ModSecurity blocks on the account.