How to add a Domain in cPanel

Some users may wish to add a second Domain to their cPanel account for a second website, providing your plan is capable of this it is fairly easy to do!

Adding a second Domain in cPanel will allow you to host a second website under the same account, follow the steps below to set this up.

Log in to cPanel

Log into your cPanel control panel and navigate to ‘Addon Domains‘ in the Domains section like below.



Add the Domain

You will then be presented with this below.



You would then fill out your Domain name and the rest will automatically fill for you, the Document root is where the files will be stored for your website, you can leave this as default or choose a custom Directory.

Once done you can click Add Domain and you should be able to then upload the website files, please note that you will need to be pointing the Domain to the server first in order for this to work.