DirectAdmin VPS Packages


  • CPU
    4 CPU Cores
  • RAM
  • Disk Space
    50GB SSD
  • Bandwidth
  • Fully Managed
  • DirectAdmin Control Panel
  • FREE Migration
  • IP Addresses


DirectAdmin Virtual Private Servers Fully managed by us


VPS Server Management

All of our VPS packages come Fully Managed & Maintained by us! No knowledge of Linux or command line is required, allow us to take care of the hard part whilst you focus on what matters - Your Business.

Xen & SSD!

Powered by Xen technology all of our virtual private servers are fully isolated from other users meaning that no one else will effect the daily running of your server, not to mention the added bonus of SSD hard drives providing you much better speeds overall vS traditional SATA setups which often provide poor performance.

FREE DirectAdmin

Our UK VPS packages come pre-loaded with DirectAdmin ready for you to get setup straight away! Did we mention, we will also migrate your websites free of charge!?

VPS Hosting Q&A

We will migrate up to 30 DirectAdmin accounts or manually migrate up to 5 websites. However if you require a bigger migration, you will need to submit a pre-migration quote request via our ticket system.

Each Additional IP address is £1.99/mo extra - Please note we require valid justification for each IP ordered.

All of our Virtual Servers come with root SSH access as standard, however we only recommend experienced users using shell.

We currently only offer one Location in our Maidenhead Datacenter (UK) we do have US based servers - However this is not available to the public currently and only by request.

If you outgrow your VPS we can offer custom Dedicated Server packages, however in most cases you just need to upgrade your VPS Package - This can be done fairly quickly with a simple reboot.

All of our Server hardware is owned by us and not on a lease. We do however use a variety of datacenters to house our hardware, but there is no middle man to worry about!

We only take Backups for the event of Hardware failiure. If you require daily Backups contact support for our backup plans and off site storage.

Our FREE SSL certificates apply to all your customers accounts so each one of your customers / accounts will get the FREE SSL certificate automatically.

What is included in our SSD VPS plans?

SSD Hard drives

All of our virtual private servers are hosted on Solid State Hard drives providing better read and write speeds which massively improves website loading time and database requests.


Highly Flexible

Our servers are all flexible when it comes to resources - Upgrading is easy and can be done in a few minutes with minimal downtime, just submit a ticket when you require an upgrade!


Quality Hardware

Most of our virtual server nodes are housed on a premium network - all built on Dual Quad core+ Processors with Raid 10 arrays, SSD drives and 128GB+ Memory.


Money Back Guarantee

As standard we offer a 30 day money back Guarantee policy, if you are not happy with the services provided we will give you your money back! We don't tie you down.


FREE Server Migration

If you choose HostOX we will be able to migrate your websites to our platform. We will also check that they function before we tell you to switch the DNS over!


24/7 Assistance

All of our services come with 24/7 support as standard. Your VPS is fully managed and monitored by us! Don't worry about the hard part, we are on hand to help whenever and issue may arise.

Need Help? Give us a call or contact us on live chat!
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