Small VPS

£18.99/ Monthly

  • 50GB Pure SSD Storage
  • 500GB Network Bandwidth 500GB Bandwidth Per Month
  • 4 x CPU Cores 2.27Ghz+
  • 2GB Ram
  • 24/7 Server management & Support Fully managed
  • Unlimited Accounts & Websites
  • Direct Admin Control panel

Advanced Server

£34.99/ Month

  • 100GB Pure SSD Storage
  • 800GB Network Bandwidth
  • 4 x CPU Cores 2.27Ghz+
  • 4GB Ram
  • 24/7 Server management & Support Fully managed
  • Unlimited Accounts & Websites
  • Direct Admin Control panel

Professional Virtual

£52.99/ Monthly

  • 150GB Pure SSD Storage
  • 1.2TB Network Bandwidth
  • 6 x CPU Cores 2.27Ghz+
  • 6GB Ram
  • 24/7 Server management & Support Fully managed
  • Unlimited Accounts & Websites
  • Direct Admin Control panel

DirectAdmin control panel, unlimited accounts & Support

Server Management

All of our Direct Admin servers come Fully Managed & Maintained by HostOx geeks. No knowledge of Linux or command line is required - We are here to assist with all issues, managing & maintaining regular updates to your server or answering the most basic of questions.

Xen & SSD!

Powered by Xen technology all of our virtual private servers are fully isolated from other users meaning that no one else will effect the daily running of your server, not to mention the added bonus of SSD hard drives providing you much better speeds overall.

FREE Directadmin without limits

Limitations are a pain, that is why we partnered with Directadmin to provide you the latest hosting control panel without any limitations. Unlimited accounts & websites - Just how we like it.

Easy VPS Server management

Manage on the fly

Built into our billing system, you have full extensive control of your virtual private server at your fingertips. Manage & monitor the essentials including network usage, CPU usage, ram usage & disk space at ease - Or just a simple reboot.

Prefer cPanel & WHM Control panel?

If you feel that Direct Admin is not the best fit and you want to try an alternative, we also offer cPanel & WHM VPS Hosting packages. You can find them here. Our cPanel server packages include everything too!

VPS Backups

Backups are essential especially in times of hardware failure or security breaches. You can rest well each day knowing that HostOx takes a daily snap shot of every virtual private server hosted with us - Should the absolute worse happen we can have you restored in a matter of 30 minutes.

Frequently answered server hosting questions

We will migrate up to 30 cPanel accounts or Directadmin accounts. Root access is near essential to perform a fast & efficient server migration, if this is available we can usually migrate more than 30 free of charge. However if the sites require a manual migration after 30 there will be a small fee.

Each VPS will come with 1 IP address as standard, additional IP addresses are £1.50/mo each extra - Please note we require valid justification for each IP ordered.

All of our Virtual Servers come with root SSH access as standard, however we only recommend experienced users using shell. If you prefer not to have root access you may place this in the order notes - We will setup restricted user access for SSH.

We currently only offer one Location in our Wolverhampton Datacenter (UK) we do have US based servers - However this is not available to the public currently and only by request.

If you outgrow your VPS we can offer custom Dedicated Server packages, however in most cases you just need to upgrade your VPS Package - This can be done fairly quickly with a simple reboot.

Of course! You can try out Directadmin through their Live demo here

We only take nightly Backups of each VPS for the event of Hardware failiure. If you require daily Backups contact support for our cPanel Backup plugin and off site storage.

Our FREE SSL certificates apply to all your customers accounts so each one of your customers / accounts will get the FREE SSL certificate automatically. This usually needs to be enabled on the server and you may need to contact support for initial setup.

Need Help? Give us a call or contact us on live chat!

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Why is HostOx a great server choice?

Latest technologies

Feel the increased speed with the latest technology available, we only use Solid State Hard drives on all our servers with Hardware Raid 10, dramatically increasing loading times over traditional SATA drives.

Fast Scalability

When it comes to resources our servers are designed to grow with you & your business. Once the time comes to increase resources you can be upgraded in a matter of minutes! Scalability is essential & easy to do in a few clicks.

Quality Hardware

Our virtual server hardware is all built on Dual hex core+ Processors with Raid 10 arrays, SSD drives and 128GB+ Memory. We use the latest dell servers in all of our datacenters.

Money Back Guarantee

As standard we offer a 30 day money back Guarantee policy. Money is not the motivation, providing a better quality service is absolutely essential - This is why if you are not satisfied, we will refund you.

FREE cPanel Migration

Since cPanel increased their pricing and restricted the amount of accounts you may have, Directadmin is the newest choice for many businesses. We have the tools & facilities to migrate our customers free of charge from cPanel to Directadmin.

24 x 7 Server Support

Our Virtual private server packages are all managed by us as standard, we offer around the clock support for all of our hosting customers. 3am or Christmas day - We are here.

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