The truth about unlimited Web Hosting

I see it daily, there is so many companies that are now offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth on both Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting packages – However it is a false economy and a way to make you empty your wallet sooner than you can fill it!

It is not actually unlimited

The truth is that when you sign up for an ‘unlimited’ hosting account, it is actually quite limited and very restrictive! The reason it is marketed as unlimited is because they do not assign you a limit on the disk space or bandwidth – And well, very consumer wants a no limits plan right?

How do they restrict me though?

They restrict your usage with limiting Inodes, CPU & Ram.


The main restriction is with ‘Inodes’ I like to speak in plain English to people rather than technical jargon so to put it in a simple way an Inode is a file and this is one of the biggest restrictions unlimited web hosting companies use today – The main limit is usually 100,000 Inodes so in simple terms you are actually restricted on disk usage by the amount of files you upload and store in your account, this is not unlimited.

CPU Usage

You are also restricted to usually 1 CPU core and sometimes only 25% of the 1 CPU core, this can have drastic effects on your website when you have heavy traffic! The best we have seen is 50% of 1 CPU core for up to 3 minutes maximum.


Your Ram usage is also limited usually to 1GB with the unlimited companies. This is not actually that bad and is sufficent enough for most lightly used websites, however if you get decent traffic amounts you will have some issues.

To Sum it up

There is further limitations however these usually only effect busy websites rather than straight forward light traffic sites. As you can see unlimited is a false economy and all it does is requires you to upgrade and spend even more money after paying for your website hosting account already!

We never recommend Unlimited hosting, so always try and find something limited with disk and bandwidth, you will most likely get much bigger resource allowances and less busy servers. These types of companies also over load the servers as much as possible to increase their profit margins which usually causes issues to other sites on the server.

If you are looking for a good spec package checkout our Hosting Packages we provide at least 1 full CPU core with no time restrictions, 2GB of ram and no Inode limitations other than your disk allowance.