HostOx Web Hosting with bitcoin payments

In this lockdown we have had a lot of spare time on our hands, despite some of us having symptoms of the latest virus on the block. In this time we have started to develop our new website and rack some new servers in our rack down in Wolverhampton.

Our Director is a firm believer in Block chain and the crypto currency space, deep down it is the true freedom of money and the true freedom of the people – Whilst governments are quantitative easing just printing as much money as they like ‘unlimited’ our future could lay with block chain technology.

It is great to announce HostOx will now be accepting Bitcoin / BTC & Litecoin / LTC for any hosting services and even Domains purchased through HostOx. We are rolling out the payment module currently and it will be available within a few weeks – If you do not currently use crypto we highly recommend you to checkout Wirex which we have found is exceptional for obtaining and spending your crypto currency.

In the meantime we have recently setup our new Affiliate system and setup our Domain only focused business oXnames if you currently purchase Domains direct through HostOx we recommend you checkout oXnames – We have some mega cheap offers currently!

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