FREE SSL Certificates with all Hosting Accounts

HostOX has started to roll out one of the latest cPanel features available on all of our Web Hosting plans, free SSL certificates are now included for all plans providing the website is hosted on our servers.

Courtesy of Let’s Encrypt’s cPanel plugin has made this possible!

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit.

This effectively will save you the costs of an SSL certificate which would usually cost around £30 per year or more from most web hosting Companies.

How does it work?

Our SSL plugin is all automated and will typically setup your SSL certificate within 24 hours of you switching your DNS to our hosting services.

The Domain name must be pointing to our DNS or server IP in order for this to work, the server will do a check to verify this is the case and if it is not the SSL will refuse to install. There is no options for customers to install this from the control panel, if you need this setup sooner than the predicted 24 hours you can get in touch with our support team who will set this up for you straight away.

If your SSL has not been installed within 24 hours then please contact our support team to double check everything for you.

Will my customers get free SSL’s?

If you have a Reseller Hosting account with us then you may wonder if all your own sites and customers also get Free SSL certificates. All accounts under your reseller will also get a Free SSL certificate for each site they have on the account.

The same process applies, it is usually automatically setup in most cases once you have updated the NameServers, again if this is not setup within 24 hours or you need this setup sooner just contact our Support team with the Domain name.

What about if I have a VPS?

Just like our Reseller Packages our SSD Virtual Private Servers also include the Free SSL modules and plugins, you will also receive free SSL certificates for all of your websites and your customers websites.

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