Discount Domain Registration 50% off!

HostOX are currently offering a discount on your Domain Name Registration or transfer for the first invoice of your registration.

This promotion will apply to new and current customers and is valid until January 2018 – So if you are bulk transferring your Domains to us, now is the time to grab your 50% discount on every transfer or new Registration!

This promotion applies to every Domain extension offered and a list of pricing can be seen below or on our Domain registration Pricing page

.com – £11.99 /year £7.99 /year (Transferring Domains are free)
.net £12.99 /year
.org £12.99 /year
.info £12.99 /year
.uk £7.99 /year (Transferring .uk is free)

Transferring your Domain over to HostOX is an easy and simple process, we even have a guide for it here: Transfer your Domain to HostOX

If you are looking for a safe new home for your Domains or just looking to get your first Domain registered, then take advantage of the offer and get started today! Included with each Domain name is free DNS management and free ID protection meaning no cold calls and no hassle from companies using the whois register to get your details for marketing.

If you are after a different Domain extension just drop us an email or a support ticket and we will be happy to set that up for you, the promotion is going to expire in 3 months time!

Grab your Domains.

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