Direct Admin VPS’s released

In light of recent events with cPanel and their sharp price increase, we have partnered with Direct Admin in order to offer cheaper solutions and an alternative control panel.

Our UK based Managed Direct Admin VPS come on our standard SSD Raid 10 setups, offering superior performance vs traditional SATA drive setups. Included is also up to a 16 Core setup, with 4-8 Cores allocated to each VPS.

DirectAdmin have also recently released a fresh looking skin in order to aid new users who are accustomed to cPanel feel more at home when managing their website. We overall feel it is useful and highly recommended for business site users and people with multiple personal websites, but we are not 100% convinced on the commercial level yet.

But if you fancy saving a pretty penny overall, the packages are cheaper than our (set to rise cPanel VPS packages) and will save you money in the long term, once the websites are setup many users rarely ever login to the control panel! So why the huge cost for a minimally used GUI?!

Check out our DirectAdmin Server Packages!

This control panel will also be available to all our soon to launch UK Dedicated Server packages for a fraction of the cPanel cost.

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