cPanel price increase

Well, we are guessing many did see that coming but many did not! cPanel have suddenly and we do mean, suddenly decided to issue a massive price increase this month!

All if this comes after the recent buyout of cPanel by Oakley Investments.

Sadly the effects of this move could effect the whole industry, numerous large scale Web Hosting providers are going to see some serious price increases, especially if they are hosting over 100 websites per server which is very common for big build Nodes.

The only major downfall is price increases for the big boys, but maybe they can stop with their ‘cheap’ nasty web hosting now.

But is this a bad thing? Maybe it will stop the big greedy hosting Companies from putting up to a 1000 accounts or more per server! With cPanel new partner pricing hosts will have to pay $0.10/per account after the first 100 on any server, in reality a well priced and efficient host should be able to suck up such a small cost very easily because in reality that is only an extra $90 per month per server.

It has good and bad merits, our pricing other than virtual servers will not really see much of a price hit, and any decent non oversold host should be able to follow suit.

Not a great move from Oakley Investments, but overall prices are increasing in every sector!

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